Thursday, May 5, 2011

From The Field Negro

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Justice, Texas style. 

Dusting off my racism chasing track shoes.

I just got off the phone with a wonderful lady named Brenda Cherry who happens to be a resident of Paris, Texas. (Yes, that Paris, Texas. h/t to Nancy Lockhart for this story)
I called her, because I couldn't believe the story Nancy Lockhart sent me via e-mail about a man named Bobby Yates. Ms. Cherry confirmed that it is true, and that what is happening to Bobby Yates is not so unusual for the good citizens of Paris.

"(Paris, TX) – April 14, 2011 - Local residents and others are seeking financial assistance for the legal defense of a Paris man accused of sexual assault in a case civil rights activists state is one of several that illustrates racism within the town’s criminal justice system. Bobby Yates, a 51 year-old African American Paris resident, who lost his lower limbs in a hunting accident over two decades ago and who is also paralyzed, is set to stand trial this month for the alleged sexual assault of a 16 year-old white female, who came to his home with two adult white males at 2 a.m. on March 18, 2008. Yates called 911 for help and can be heard on a 911 tape on the morning of the alleged incident, stating the group beat him and requesting police help with forcing them to leave his home. Local activists allege a police report filed in the incident states instead that the female was the one to make the call to 911. They also suggest that the arrest report purposely includes a photo of Yates which may lead one to believe that he is standing up and leaves blank the question of height and scars. They state that on another report, a height of 5”9” is listed. Activists also claim that accompanying information did not disclose his amputation information or his penectomy resulting from complications after the amputation.

A gag order has reportedly been issued in the case, and related records sealed. This is a concern for those attempting to help Yates with raising funds for his defense due to the inability to obtain and verify information about the case.

Yates is scheduled for jury selection April 20, 2011. His court appointed attorney filed a motion to withdraw as attorney of record, after Yates refused to accept a plea.

Yates recently found an attorney willing to represent him; however, activists say funds are needed to help with his defense. "

Ms. Cherry told me the names of the two (white) Assistant District Attorney's prosecuting the case, and before I put them on blast I am going to call their office, tomorrow.

Ms. Cherry told me that a jury trial starts on May 26th. I think I will grab my passport and head on down there. (Field haters, that was a joke. I know you don't need a passport to go to Texas. Not yet.)

Anyway, you Negroes can help Bobby Yates by going to this website.

The Lamar County court house address is 1119 North Main Street, Paris, Tx. 75460.

If any of you Negroes know how to write you might want to drop them a line.

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