The Plight Of Bobby Yates
By Brenda Cherry

Bobby Yates’ Lower Body Was Amputated

Bobby Yates lived in Ridgeview Town homes for 5 years without problems. Bobby lost the lower part of his body due to a hunting accident which occurred over 20 years ago. Bobby had no criminal history. On March 18, 2008 at approx 1:30 or 2 AM, Bobby Yates got a knock on his door that would change his life.

A 16 year old white female and two adult white males, asked Bobby if they could enter into his home claiming they were locked out of their own homes. Bobby reluctantly allowed them in. Several hours later, Bobby made a 911 call. He told the operator that three people were in his home threatening his life and he was afraid of them and they would not leave. He said one of the three assaulted him by beating him in his face. Bobby can be heard on the 911 call telling the group to get out of his home and telling them not to come near him. The police came and Bobby told them the three had refused to leave his home and they had jerked the phone from him and prevented him from using it the first time he tried and that he had attempted to leave out his front door and they grabbed his wheelchair and prevented him from leaving. The female claimed Bobby touched her vagina even though the two men were in the same room with her the entire time she was in Bobby’s home.

Bobby’s Lower Body Was Amputated 20 Years Ago

Bobby has no sex organs. His penis and other organs were removed due to a life threatening infection after his legs were removed.

No arrests were made at that time. None of the three were arrested for crimes they had committed. The crimes: Preventing Bobby from making an emergency phone call, assault and preventing Bobby from leaving his home by holding him hostage.

On September 22, 2008, Bobby was arrested and charged with Sexual assault of a child. Even though Bobby called 911 for help, the police report claimed it was the female who called for help and makes no mention of Bobby being assaulted. It does mention that the female was so high on drugs that her speech was slurred. In order to get an indictment, a mug shot was taken of Bobby making it appear as if he was not handicapped. His weight was omitted and the fact that he had no lower limbs was omitted.

Bobby received 4 different evictions from his handicapped accessible home due to his arrest. Manager Kimberly Reavis insisted that she wanted Bobby out. With the help of Lone Star Legal Aid, Bobby remained in his home. In February of 2009, Bobby was awakened by Kimberly Reavis, and informed of racist graffiti on his back porch. The graffiti was threatening “Move out nigger or die”, “KKK, “Whites Only” and etc. The police were notified but so far, no arrests were ever made.

Bobby’s only source of income is $674 which he receives from SSI. In March of 2009, he received a letter from Social Security Administration informing him his benefits were being cut off due to his having been arrested and the warrant that had been issued at that time. Medical assistance was also terminated. With the assistance of Lone Star Legal Aid, Bobby’s SSI and assistance was reinstated.

Kimberly Reavis then issued Bobby a 4th eviction notice. Bobby decided to move stating “I really don’t want to live where the manager wants me out so bad. I don’t feel safe”. Bobby said he was also afraid that if an eviction was successful, he would lose his housing assistance and would be homeless. Bobby moved from a clean, safe environment where he was able to care for himself, to a drug infested, unsafe environment that is not fully equipped to accommodate his handicap and he had to wheel himself a half block away to check his mail box. Bobby also has an upcoming trial to deal with. This is an outrageous case of injustice. Three people, high on drugs, came to Bobby’s home at an odd hour, assaulted him, held him hostage, tried to obstruct him from calling 911, tried to force him to give them money and one was found to have drugs yet none of the three were arrested. However, one of the males, Michael Freeman, has since been arrested in unrelated incidents with drug charges and vehicular burglary.

The Situation Worsens

Bobby’s situation got worse in March of 2010. He discovered black mold growing on the walls and windows at his home in the Paris Housing Authority. Bobby complained to the Director, Denny Head. Bobby also complained of being afraid because of all the drug activity and dealers standing in the street near his unit selling drugs. Head failed to do anything. Bobby sought the assistance of Lone Star Legal Aid. Lone Star stepped in but initially rather than address the problem, Head became angry and sent Lone Star letters accusing Bobby of causing the mold. Head retaliated by writing a letter claiming that Bobby had been seen at 7:15 pm 9 months earlier smoking a marijuana cigarette. He also told Bobby’s next door neighbor that Bobby had accused her of being a drug dealer. Head told Bobby to handle the problem himself by washing the mold away with bleach. An expert was hired by Lone Star who determined the mold was at dangerously high levels and couldn’t be gotten rid of by washing it with bleach. Head was forced to move Bobby to a different unit. Bobby currently resides in that unit.

Bobby is scheduled to stand trial with jury selection to begin March 23,, 2011. Bobby, verbally and through certified letters, requested repeatedly that his court appointed attorney, Dan Meehan, hire expert witnesses for his defense. He requested repeatedly that a Dr. or expert be hired to testify regarding his medical records and penectomy and the effect a penectomy has on sexual desires or a lack of. His attorney refused to hire or subpoena any witnesses. Although Bobby informed Meehan that he does not choose to testify, Meehan informed Bobby that he would have to if he wants his medical condition revealed to the jury because he wasn’t going to call any experts. Meehan vigorously encouraged Bobby to plead no contest and take two years deferred. Meehan became angry each time Bobby refused and on March 16, 2011, walked out of Bobby’s home telling him to let Brenda Cherry be his attorney because he was through. Although Bobby informed Meehan that he doesn’t want him as his attorney, Meehan remains. This is a tragedy. This is an extreme case of injustice. Bobby is seeking the help of anyone who may be willing to help. On March 18, 2011, Bobby’s attorney filed a motion to remove himself as attorney of record. This removal came about because Bobby would not accept a plea agreement; he also cited interference by Ms. Brenda Cherry who is Bobby’s advocate.

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